Euphoria Concetto System 180 Shower system with single lever mixer for wall mounting

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Elegant, easy and luxurious showering with the GROHE Euphoria Concetto 180 shower system

With a fluid, modern design with your comfort in mind and practical, clever features the GROHE Euphoria Concetto 180 shower system with single lever mixer is a bathroom gem. The mixer’s GROHE SilkMove cartridge technology guarantees you smooth, precise control for years to come. Consisting of a 180mm Euphoria Cosmopolitan head shower mounted on a 450mm Comfort Zone swivel arm, and a Euphoria Cosmopolitan hand shower with a 1750mm twist-free hose, the shower system has everything you need. The head shower’s Rain Spray pattern offers a truly relaxing showering experience, and GROHE DreamSpray technology in both showers guarantees an even flow from every nozzle. The hand shower also has a GROHE EcoJoy 9.5l/min flow limiter, a water-saving feature that is economical too, while offering the same great performance. Cleaning is easy thanks to SpeedClean nozzles that brush free of limescale with your finger. Long-lasting and sparkling, the GROHE StarLight chrome finish enhances the whole shower system. A super-insulated Inner WaterGuide keeps the surface from getting too hot, stopping the risk of scalding as well as extending the life of the chrome finish.

  • consisting of:
  • horizontal swivable 450 mm shower arm
  • exposed single-lever shower mixer with diverter
  • allows change between:
  • head shower Euphoria Cosmopolitan (27 492 000)
  • spray pattern: Rain
  • with ball joint
  • rotation angle ± 15°
  • Euphoria Cosmopolitan hand shower (27 400)
  • adjustable in height with gliding element (12 140 000)
  • GROHE Water Saving 9.5 l/min flow limiter
  • GROHE SilkMove 46 mm ceramic cartridge
  • GROHE DreamSpray perfect spray pattern
  • GROHE Long-Life finish
  • SpeedClean anti-lime system
  • Inner WaterGuide for a longer life
  • TwistStop to prevent hose from twisting
  • suitable for instantaneous heaters from 18 kW/h
  • minimum flow rate 7 l/min.
  • min. recommended pressure 1.0 bar
Pos.-nr. Prod. description Order-nr.
* Optional accessories
1 Lever 46723000
2 Shield 46025000
3 Cartridge 46048000
4 Diverter knob 64309000
5 Diverter 65655000
6 Non-return valve 08565000
7 Screw joint 45044000
8 S-union 12662000
9 Sliding piece 12140000
10 Dirt strainer 0700200M
11 Dirt strainer 48007000
12 Fibre seal dia. 12x2 mm 0138900M
13 Compensation disc 27180000*
14 Shower system pipe for retrofitting 48053000*
15 Shower system pipe for retrofitting 48054000*
16 Special spanner 19377000*
17 Temperature limiter 46375000*