GROHE Warranty

10 Years Warranty

GROHE products are designed to be both visionary and innovative with quality always warranty. Purchasing GROHE products mean your investment is perfectly balanced in terms of quality, technology and designed with sustainable production.

If you encounter problems with one of our products, we guarantee that our Philippines service team will take care of it. We pride ourselves with great customer service to ensure a long and lasting partnership with our customers.

For further information, please refer to the detailed warranty conditions on the link below or contact our service team at (02) 893-3113, 09173205717, and 09228858030 or email us at

Terms and Conditions:

GROHE shall grant warranty services to the end consumer in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth below for all products supplied to the end customer under the GROHE brand.

The contractual and/or statutory rights of the end customer as against the respective seller and the statutory rights of the end customer as against the product’s manufacturer shall not be affected by this warranty.

Who Gives the Warranty?

The warranty is given by Lixil Philippines, Ltd. Co. of Unit 2201-T 22nd Floor SM Aura Office Tower, 26th cor. McKinley Parkway, BGC, Taguig.

The Warranty

1. Products under the GROHE brand that were manufactured for GROHE after 1st September 2016 shall be free and clear of material, manufacturing, design and functional defects. In assessing whether a product is defective, the technical standard as at the date of manufacture of the product shall be used as a basis.
2. Subject to the warranty exclusions, any defect that occurs will be rectified by GROHE at its own expense by repair or replacement of the faulty component in your unit free of charge if it fails to operate in accordance with its specifications during the warranty period.
3. If we repair or replace a faulty component to your unit under this warranty, the warranty period is not extended from the time of the repair or replacement.
4. The warranty period commences on the date of unit purchase.
5. The warranty period for a unit is shown in the table below.

Ceramics Warranty
Ceramics/ Chinaware (except for old models discontinued from production) 1 Year
Tank Fittings 1 Year
Ceramic Disc Valve 1 Year
Body and Handle 1 Year
Rubber Parts 1 Year
Accessories and Sensors 1 Year
Acrylic Body 1 Year
Tub Fittings (overflow pipe, waste outlet, etc.) 1 Year

Warranty Entitlement

1. You are entitled to make a warranty claim if:
1.1 You own the unit or if you have the owner’s consent to represent the owner of the unit; and
1.2 You contact us within a reasonable time of discovering the problem with the unit.

Warranty Pre-requisites

1. Submission of the original invoice from our accredited dealers with the indicated purchase date shall be a pre-requisite for the warranty claim.
2. Claims under this warranty shall only be given if the product is properly installed, mounted and operated. The installation and operational instructions as well as the technical data sheet issued by GROHE always have, even during the installation, to be observed. This shall apply irrespective of whether installation is performed by a qualified specialist fitter or whether the end customer installs and mounts the product on its own.
3. In order to claim the GROHE Manufacturer's Warranty the product must be duly and properly cleaned and cared for in accordance with the GROHE care instructions and is operated in accordance with the operational instructions. The technical product information, the technical data sheets and the GROHE care instructions may be found in the sales packaging and on the GROHE website (
4. In the event of questions concerning maintenance and care, employees of GROHE's service organisation will be happy to assist and can be contacted on (+632) 893-3113.

Warranty Exclusions:

This limited warranty does not include the following:

1. If the product was not properly installed, cared, maintained or repaired,
2. If the defect is attributable to incorrect operation or incorrect handling of the product,
3. If the defect occurs due to missing or incorrect maintenance,
4. If spare parts other than original GROHE spare parts are used during repairs or maintenance of the product,
5. If the defect was caused by transport or installation of the product,
6. If the surface has been scratched,
7. If the product is a display / or previously used as adisplay product,
8. If consumables (such as filters, filter cartridges, aerators or batteries) or material subject to wear and tear (such as seals or hoses) are affected,
9. If the defect was caused by a breakage of fragile parts (such as glass or light bulbs),
10. If the defect occurs due to aggressive environmental influences (such as chemicals, cleaning agents), lime scale or disruptions due to ice and/or lime,
11. If the defect is caused by specific environmental circumstances (e.g. excess or negative pressure in the line, excess voltage or under voltage on the line),
12. If the defect is attributable to willful or negligent damage to the product by the end customer or a third party.

GROHE will review in each specific case and assess whether the warranty prerequisites have been met and whether there are any grounds for exclusion. If a warranty claim is asserted and it emerges during an inspection of the product by GROHE that there was no defect or there is no warranty claim for one of the above reasons, GROHE is entitled to charge a service fee of Php800.00 per visit. In case the customer furnishes proof that due to the circumstances of his case he was not able to recognize that a warranty claim was not given, the service fee does not apply. If, however, the defect is – without a warranty claim being given – nonetheless rectified, the services rendered may be charged to the customer based on the incurred expenses (material, wages, travel expenses).