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Rainshower System

Rainshower System

Bringing together the essential elements of a great shower.

Luxurious, tailor-made showering from a single product. With a GROHE Rainshower shower system, that’s exactly what you get.

Rainshower systems bring together the essential elements of a great shower, plus a host of other benefits to enhance your comfort and pleasure. With a full metal Rainshower head shower – from 210 mm to 400 mm diameter as well as Rainshower Allure head showers – you will enjoy the luxurious wide GROHE PureRain Spray. 

All of our Rainshower thermostatic systems feature a GROHE CoolTouch thermostat with a GROHE TurboStat cartridge – designed with the world’s most sensitive thermometer in mind: your skin. The 450 mm shower arm swivels, while GROHE CoolTouch prevents scalding and protects the GROHE StarLigh chrome surface.

Go for the Best – the ultimate in luxury, style and function maximises enjoyment while ensuring comfort and safety.


Wide Choice of Designs

For maximum showering comfort and enjoyment choose a GROHE Rainshower® system. Our wide choice of feature-packed designs ensures there’s a system to suit all personal showering habits, style preferences and installation scenarios.
For the ultimate experience, Rainshower® systems with adjustable body jets deliver tailor-made showering for all family members – whatever their height.

Rainshower Systems
Rainshower Systems

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