Mounting advice AV1 Universal Flush Valve

Multi-functional AV1 flushing valve and inspection chamber

The functional features make Rapid SL and Uniset one first-class installation system.
The universal AV1 means that from now on there will be only one discharge valve for concealed and exposed cisterns. It is multifunctional and suitable for all flushing systems - dual flush, start/stop function and single flush.

As the AV1 is connected only by a pneumatic hose at the back of the actuation, installation is faster and safer, too - with no risk of confusion. Simply connecting the hose is sufficient. And there is no need for measuring or cutting, either. Another great time saver is the fact that theframe for the actuation plates is fixed directly to the component. A separate depth adjustment for the frame is not required, because this is done when the inspection chamber is cut.

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