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Fulfills products across brands under LIXIL Water Technology

For Architects & Designers

  • A valuable tool to create Comprehensive and Professional-Looking Product Specification Proposal(s) Anytime and Anywhere for Architects and Designers.
  • Supports products across brands (Grohe, American Standard and INAX) under LIXIL Water Technology to fulfill customized demand in one proposal.
  • 2 user-friendly methodologies to create Project Proposal(s) efficiently and effectively.

Key Features

  • Displays only compliant products with reference to the country of the project.
  • Manage multiple versions of Product Specification Proposals in one project.
  • Download proposal of Product Specification with ease in excel or PDF format.
  • One-click to raise quotation request.
  • Provides 2 convenient methodologies to select products into proposals. One is by system recommendation of products based on configuration scenario; the other is by product category to select products.

By System Recommendation

By Product Category

Key Benefit

  • Get Product Specification for free 24/7 via this online tool.
  • Manage and Track multiple proposals in one project with ease.
  • Effectively prevents wrong product configuration and missing required components.
  • Easy Download and quick share with related stakeholders.
  • Rich Reference Point – Users can retrieve past project data to create an improved, more precise and competitive specification.

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